Class Offerings

Class Offerings for 2023-2024

We offer a variety of classes for children ages two through Kindergarten, on a variety of schedules including, Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or Monday-Friday, with the majority of classes being 8:30am-12:00pm.

2s Class

Must be 2 by 9/1

  • No more than 12 students: 2 teachers
  • Introduction to school setting
  • Free play and story time
  • Play-based centers
  • Fun thematic units
  • Potty training is NOT required for enrollment
  • Goal is to build confidence in the classroom and developing a love of learning
3s Class

Must be 3 by 9/1 and potty trained

  • No more than 15 students: 2 teachers
  • Building upon concepts introduced in the 2s classes.
  • Early mathematics skills
  • Early literacy/writing skills
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Social and Emotional learning
  • Goal is to continue to build confidence in the classroom while setting academic foundations
4s Class

Must be 4 by 9/1

  • No more than 16 students: 2 teachers
  • Expounding on pre-literacy and writing skills
  • Expounding on early mathematics skills
  • Expounding on Social and Emotional Learning
  • Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, which gives students the foundation to begin building and writing their alphabet.
  • Goal is Kindergarten readiness
Kinder Bridge

Must be 4 by 9/1 and receive teacher/director recommendation

  • No more than 16 students: 2 teachers
  • Meeting the same AZ Early Learning goals as our 4s classes with an extended day (8:30-2:30) and expounded curriculum.
  • Closely resemble what students would expect in Kindergarten while still allowing for students to have time for play.
  • Utilizes Saxon Math
  • Goal is Kindergarten readiness for students who either just miss the cutoff for Kindergarten or need a slightly more academically challenging class.

Must be 5 by 9/1

  • No more than 18 students: 2 teachers
  • Saxon Math and Journeys Reading curriculums
  • Same academic and social goals as surrounding elementary schools
  • Small class size allows for more individualized instruction
Specials & Chapel

We are happy to offer the following specials once a month for every class:

  • MyGym
  • Music and Movement
  • Chapel
S.T.E.A.M. Class

Offered for students enrolled in 3s and 4s classes from 12:00pm-2:30pm

Our STEAM class allows you to extend your child’s day through an engaging and enriching play that builds your child’s creativity, investigation, and exploration skills through hands-on activities. Children will:

  • Eat lunch together
  • Have outdoor play time
  • Complete various STEAM activities each day

Families may enroll in either 2 days/week, 3 days/week, or 5 days/week on either a monthly or annual basis, depending on need!

Grow with Me Parent/Toddler Class

Offered for toddlers 12 mo-24 mo by 9/1

  • Once a week, 1 hour class taught by our Director and Associate Director
  • Introduction to a preschool class setting
  • Free play and story time
  • Play-based centers and craft projects
  • Opportunity to build community for you as a caregiver and socialization for your child (one caregiver must attend with the toddler each week)
  • Goal is to build confidence in the classroom and connect with care giver in an enriching educational setting