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St. Andrew's Preschool and Kindergarten

Over 40 years of excellence in early childhood education

We believe that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial to early learning and brain development, and we pride ourselves on providing a developmentally appropriate environment and curriculum to help make the most out of the years that our children spend with us. We want your child to leave our school feeling successful, with a sense of community, and we hope to create a lifelong love of learning within your child’s heart. To find out more about who we are and what we believe, click on the link below.

Nurturing children and their families

"The thought about sending our 1st child to preschool was nerve racking. From the very first day we have been warmly welcomed on campus, not to mention, by first name basis. The communication is above and beyond. If you’re looking for a genuine and trustworthy school, look no further you will experience unmatched learning and success! We love this community of St. Andrew’s. Thank you SAPC!"
-The Moreno Family

"I have many special memories from my time at St. Andrew's as a preschool student, which is why I knew I would enroll my children at St Andrew's when it came time to pick their preschool. Not only did my mom find the perfect school for her children, but also for her grandchildren. Thank you to all the staff at St. Andrew's for, 30 years later, providing the same warm and educational environment for my children that was provided for me."
-The Nogami-Kraemer Family

St Andrew's Preschool lets my child be who she is, while supporting her developmental and emotional needs. Teachers from other classes even take the time to say hi and get to know her. It is a safe, happy, and fun environment that allows my child to blossom.
-The Weeks Family

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